Technical Audits

A second opinion can help you prevent problems later on, particularly in cases where liability could be an issue or where certification is an absolute requirement. Casting an objective but critical eye on your processes, designs or products is something we can do for you through the application of our extensive suite of tools and know-how, to provide an independent review and uncover those risks you might have missed.

Remove Doubt

We have helped clients identify and understand issues in their systems or designs and resolve them numerous times. It is easy to lose the bigger picture perspective when being focused on a detailed design or development, and an independent review can help regain that. We can do that by bringing to bear all of our capabilities to support you in removing the uncertainty you may have. Exactly how we might do it, is best described in our experience:

Power Storage Unit
System Characterization
Fluid Induced Vibration
Thermal Transients
Bridge Plug
Safety Test Compliance