The design of manufacturing processes often requires an in-depth understanding of structural mechanics and material behaviour to understand what the outcome of each manufacturing step is going to be. Whether you are forming parts or designing machinery, we can help…

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Needs analysis, stakeholder analysis, requirements engineering, functional analysis, system architecting, concept development, detailed development, integration, verification, validation.

Linear and non-linear analysis, static and dynamic analysis, transient analysis, coupled phenomena, aerodynamics, vibration, time domain, frequency domain, frequency response, thermal analysis, thermal management, fluid mechanics, fatigue, damage tolerance.

Concept design, concept evaluation and selection, proof of concept, concept prototyping, detailed design, component design, system design, design integration, testing.

Verification of requirements, verification of design specifications, performance analysis, integrity, risk identification and assessment, failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA), compliance analysis, compliance reports.


From auditing others’ designs to designing tools for manufacturing processes, we have been active in industry for a while:

  • Design and development of a mechanical forming process for the expansion of sand control screen assemblies.
  • Analysis of the life cycle of a high pressure steam turbine casing.
  • Investigation and analysis of the dynamic behaviour and structural integrity of a power station condenser support platform.
  • Design and analysis of a post-tensioning cable system for providing an increased margin of safety in the use of a thin walled, gas liquor storage tank to its full capacity.
  • Static and dynamic analysis of a ball mill foundation.
  • Planning, construction supervision and commissioning of automotive paint ovens.
  • Planning, construction supervision and commissioning of an overhead unit storage facility in an automotive factory.
  • Feasibility study for a condition monitoring and environmental control system in an automotive paint shop.
  • Planning, tender evaluation, construction supervision and commissioning of an automotive paint shop facility extension.
  • Structural design and analysis of a smart actuating system to provide speed dependent preload to a commercial machine bearing.
  • Redesign of a positive pressure relief valve, first developed for use on the International Space Station, for large-scale production, assembly and industrial applications.
  • Design audit of a vertical mine shaft’s steelwork for support of a high speed elevator.