Defence systems and equipment are becoming increasingly complex and integrated. A holistic approach is no longer just an option, it is required whether developing large systems, or components and equipment within those systems. We can help to cover the spectrum…

Related Services

Needs analysis, stakeholder analysis, requirements engineering, functional analysis, system architecting, concept development, detailed development, integration, verification, validation.

Linear and non-linear analysis, static and dynamic analysis, transient analysis, coupled phenomena, aerodynamics, vibration, time domain, frequency domain, frequency response, thermal analysis, thermal management, fluid mechanics, fatigue, damage tolerance.

Concept design, concept evaluation and selection, proof of concept, concept prototyping, detailed design, component design, system design, design integration, testing.

Verification of requirements, verification of design specifications, performance analysis, integrity, risk identification and assessment, failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA), compliance.


We have experience in defence projects:

  • Conceptual development of an in-flight smart restraint system to enable helicopter aircrew to operate safely while standing during operational manoeuvres.
  • Development of a water-activated neck seal for use in a helicopter aircrew integrated life support system.
  • Development of an advanced technology wetsuit able to passively regulate the internal temperature in a wide range of conditions.
  • Development of a polymer based haemorrhage control device for treatment of severe wounds of the proximal extremities.
  • Conceptual development of temperature responsive fibres for variable loft insulation.
  • Optimization of structural design for mass reduction in armoured vehicles.
  • Transmission pump failure analysis on a G6 armoured artillery vehicle.