The car is perhaps the best example of how an extremely complex system can be engineered to be accessible to many. This is not by chance and Engenya offers its clients the skills and tools required to assist with the development of structural and mechanical components…

Related Services

Needs analysis, stakeholder analysis, requirements engineering, functional analysis, system architecting, concept development, detailed development, integration, verification, validation.

Linear and non-linear analysis, static and dynamic analysis, transient analysis, coupled phenomena, aerodynamics, vibration, time domain, frequency domain, frequency response, thermal analysis, thermal management, fluid mechanics, fatigue, damage tolerance.

Concept design, concept evaluation and selection, proof of concept, concept prototyping, detailed design, component design, system design, design integration, testing.

Verification of requirements, verification of design specifications, performance analysis, integrity, risk identification and assessment, failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA), compliance.


Our people have worked on a number of projects in the Automotive industry. Here are some examples:

  • Project management: Development of high authority fuel injection control system for reduction of NOx, hydrocarbon and particulate emissions.
  • Structural modifications to a hatchback vehicle body for incorporation of a full size sunroof.
  • Structural modifications to alleviate cracking in the chassis of a 1-ton pickup truck.
  • Static, dynamic and fatigue life assessment of the all-aluminium General Freight and Liquid Trailer (GFLT) semi-trailer. (More).
  • Structural modifications to alleviate structural and fatigue failures in the safety cages installed in touring and rally cars.
  • Design optimisation and analysis of the scissor mechanism of a 45-ton Copelyn tipping semi-trailer.
  • Stress and fatigue analysis of a racing car hub (National Touring Car Championship).
  • Analysis and ASME pressure rating of a ram cylinder used on a 45-ton Copelyn tipping semi-trailer.
  • Assessment of capabilities and needs related to finite element analysis, crash analysis and design within Proton Motor Manufacturing Company in Malaysia.