Systems Engineering
Keeping an eye on the big picture while focusing on the details.
Completion Optimization
Higher productivity with lower risk.
ESP Support Services
Manage the risk through virtual installation and testing.
Modelling and Simulation
Gaining insight through mathematics.
Design and development
Making the right thing right.
Forensic Engineering
"... failure leads to understanding" - Burt Rutan.
Litigation Support
Assisting you in tipping the scale.
Technical Audits
A second opinion to make sure you have not missed anything.

About Engenya

Engenya GmbH is an engineering consultancy based in Winterthur, Switzerland, and is active internationally through a network of partners in Europe, in the USA and in Southern Africa.

Together with its network of partners, Engenya offers multidisciplinary engineering services in systems engineering, completions optimization, design and development, forensic engineering, modelling and  simulation, technical auditing and litigation support services primarily to the aerospace, oil and gas, legal, automotive, manufacturing, mining and defence industries.

Winterthur, Switzerland


Systems engineering is both a science and an art. The science gives us proven methodologies to guide our system developments. The art is in knowing how and when to provide this guidance without constraining creativity. Engenya can help you to find this balance...

Completing a well is perhaps the most critical operation you will conduct with direct implications on its productivity. Engenya possesses the tools and knowledge to really help you optimize the design of the completion to maximize productivity...

Electric Submersible Pumps have to work reliably for years to ensure production in wells that require artificial lift. Their failure is extremely costly and while impossible to completely avoid, managing the risk is possible. Engenya can help you by running a virtual installation to understand the loads the system will experience...

Simulation has become indispensable in gaining insight into why and how things work (or don't). Engenya employs the latest tools for the simulation of structural mechanics, fluid dynamics and general multiphysics problems in getting you the insight you need...

Our in-depth understanding of fluid dynamics and structural mechanics can help you to refine parts of your design that you may not be equipped to do in-house. We have helped clients really understand their designs to ensure performance and reliability. Or we could do it for you...

Despite the best intentions things sometimes go wrong. Learning from these mishaps is immensely valuable as it helps us to improve ourselves as well as our products...

Disagreements are a fact of life. It is at such times that a calm, deliberate and rigorous approach is required to make sure that disputes are handled fairly and objectively. We assist in the resolution of technical disputes though science-based investigation and argument development...

Meeting the myriad of requirements placed on any modern, multidisciplinary engineering design or system is not trivial. Engenya can help you to make sure that you have covered all the bases and offer advice for improvement where warranted...


Since the Wright brothers led the way, venturing into the skies and beyond has always been a dream for many kids and adults alike. Through the application of the most advanced and rigorous systems engineering methods, Engenya helps to turn these dreams to reality...

Engenya supports service companies as well as operators in their efforts to maximize productivity while minimizing risk and cost. Over the years we have designed and audited downhole tools, developed completion simulations and led failure analyses for clients worldwide...

Engenya assists clients who find themselves in legal disputes of a technical nature to build solid, science-based arguments in order to reach speedy and fair resolutions. We can help on cases dealing with trade secret appropriation, patent infringement, liability, ...

The car is perhaps the best example of how an extremely complex system can be engineered to be accessible to many. This is not by chance and Engenya offers its clients the skills and tools required to assist with the development of structural and mechanical components...

The design of manufacturing processes often requires an in-depth understanding of structural mechanics and material behaviour to understand what the outcome of each manufacturing step is going to be. Whether you are forming parts or designing machinery, we can help...

Defence systems and equipment are becoming increasingly complex and integrated. A holistic approach is no longer just an option, it is required whether developing large systems, or components and equipment within those systems. We can help to cover the spectrum...


A small selection of the types of projects we have worked on in the past is presented below. Use the filters to isolate the topics you are interested in. The list is much longer. Please get in touch if you want to know more.
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Systems engineering
Forensic engineering
Design & development
Modelling & simulation
Mars Sample Return
ESP Insertion Failure
Power Storage Unit
Thermo- Mechanical Design
System Characterization
Downhole Tool Design
Concept Development
Fatigue Life Evauation
Fluid Induced Vibration
Gun Parting Failure
Thermal Transients
Charge Model Calibration
Bridge Plug
Safety Test Compliance
Completion Dynamics