Oil & Gas

Engenya supports service companies as well as operators in their efforts to maximize productivity while minimizing risk and cost. Over the years we have designed and audited downhole tools, developed completion simulations and led failure analyses for clients worldwide…

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Concept design, sensitivity analysis, trade-off analysis, system analysis, risk analysis, risk management, performance analysis, performance optimization, design optimization, detailed design, predictive analysis, testing, validation, failure analysis.

Electric Submersible Pumps have to work reliably for years to ensure production in wells that require artificial lift. Their failure is extremely costly and while impossible to completely avoid, managing the risk is possible. Engenya can help you by running a virtual installation to understand the loads the system will experience.

Linear and non-linear analysis, static and dynamic analysis, transient analysis, coupled phenomena, aerodynamics, vibration, time domain, frequency domain, frequency response, thermal analysis, thermal management, fluid mechanics, fatigue, damage tolerance.

Concept design, concept evaluation and selection, proof of concept, concept prototyping, detailed design, component design, system design, design integration, testing.

Event reconstruction, root cause analysis, hypothesis development and testing, system analysis, inspection, metallurgical testing, scale testing, validation of physical principles, detailed reporting.

Verification of requirements, verification of design specifications, performance analysis, integrity, risk identification and assessment, failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA), compliance analysis, compliance reports.


Through the years, our people have worked on a number of projects and applications in the Oil & Gas industry. Here are some of the most relevant:

  • Audit and design rectification of a flow driven, shock generating tool for use in an oilfield drill bit assembly to aid the drilling efficiency of the system.
  • Transient thermal simulation of a water injection well from shut in conditions to full flow conditions. (More).
  • High fidelity completion simulation for the perforation and cleanout of a water injection well in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Simulations including modal analysis, frequency response function and transient analysis on a set of directable drilling assemblies for the construction of oil wells.
  • Evaluation and redesign of the release mechanism for a downhole cementing toe valve.
  • Investigation into the insertion failure of a dual ESP system in a North Sea well. (More).
  • CFD and impact analysis of a tool aimed at safe testing of BOP’s.
  • Dynamic characterization of the complete bottom hole assembly on a steerable drilling system in order to understand field behaviour and failures. (More).
  • Analysis of a partial gun burst failure experienced during completion operations in an off-shore well in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Evaluation of the dynamic response of long and slender screen stacks on offshore rigs subject to handling loads in the presence of wind, rain and deck heave.
  • Multi-physics simulation of solid carrier concepts for well perforation tools utilizing shaped charges to penetrate oil-bearing formations.
  • Development of a dynamic fracture model for application in the post processing of gun string simulation results to assess the likelihood of high-speed dynamic fracture due to explosive loads.
  • Development of a 3-dimensional approach to modelling and simulation of the well bore fluid and gun string structural dynamic response to detonation of shaped charges during well completion. (More).
  • Mechanical design support in the development of a shock sensing, data logging tool to provide calibration data in support of well dynamics simulation models.
  • Design audit of an acoustic telemetry tool for transmission of data along a moving pipe in an oil well.
  • Design audit and guidance in the development of a through tubing bridge plug. (More).
  • Failure risk assessment for a pressure activated firing head.
  • Gun parting failure analysis of a well completion string due to dynamic loads generated by the detonation of multiple shaped charges. (More).
  • Analysis of the off-depth detonation of a pressure activated firing head causing extensive damage and rework to the well.
  • Failure investigation and redesign of an automatic latching and release mechanism for assembly of long gun strings.
  • Audit and redesign of a drop bar activated firing head after inconsistent and unreliable behaviour was experienced in the field.
  • Structural design and analysis of a mechanical density-measuring device used in deep well drilling.
  • Evaluation of the flow characteristics and performance of a client’s down-hole recirculation tool.
  • Analysis and stress classification of critical areas a reactor vessel.
  • Analysis and stress classification of a hopper vessel and its support structure.
  • Analysis and stress classification of the lifting trunnions and tray beam support bracket of a methanol wash tower.
  • Heat transfer and stress analysis of a catalyst reduction reactor incorporating a modified sparger structure.
  • Investigation of vibration and stress levels a coal conveyor transfer tower structure.
  • Transient heat transfer and stress analysis of a catalyst reduction reactor.
  • Dynamic analysis of a catalyst reduction reactor.
  • Analysis and stress classification assessment of a catalyst hopper.