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  • Design and development of a mechanical forming process for the expansion of sand control screen assemblies.
  • Analysis of the life cycle of a high pressure steam turbine casing.
  • Investigation and analysis of the dynamic behaviour and structural integrity of a power station condenser support platform.
  • Design and analysis of a post-tensioning cable system for providing an increased margin of safety in the use of a thin walled, gas liquor storage tank to its full capacity.
  • Static and dynamic analysis of a ball mill foundation.
  • Planning, construction supervision and commissioning of automotive paint ovens.
  • Planning, construction supervision and commissioning of an overhead unit storage facility in an automotive factory.
  • Feasibility study for a condition monitoring and environmental control system in an automotive paint shop.
  • Planning, tender evaluation, construction supervision and commissioning of an automotive paint shop facility extension.
  • Structural design and analysis of a smart actuating system to provide speed dependent pre-load to a commercial machine bearing.
  • Redesign of a positive pressure relief valve, first developed for use on the International Space Station, for large-scale production, assembly and industrial applications.
  • Design audit of a vertical mine shaft's steelwork for support of a high speed elevator.
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