The Engineering world faces many challenges as the World evolves exponentially. Technology continues to speed towards a future unknown to all of us and it is the goal of engineering companies to “chase” this trend by innovating and creating new and advanced techniques.

Engenya GmbH is breaking these boundaries daily through pushing the limits of available while also adding to current software. Currently, the company is proving that simulated destructive testing, apart from being financially more viable than actual destructive testing, it also allows a greater investigative scope. Through software, a multitude of scenarios and models can be investigated which would take much much longer in real time and which would imply major logistic implications and cost. The “zero danger” facet to personnel, property and the environment coupled to a lack of needing to obtain licenses and permits for destructive testing due to the use of explosives and other materials makes this a very attractive proposal.

As the world progresses, there is a need for results and testing to be faster, further reaching and economically viable. The following video might leave you with a somewhat surprised look when you consider the current rate of human evolution:


Engenya GmbH considers itself a world leader today in this specialized field boasting a high solution rate and a wide scope of expertise due to its involvement with a substantial piece of the “technological pie”.