Where was Engenya born?

Serra Engineering Consultants was founded by Marco Serra in Winterthur, Switzerland, in 2006, formalizing and providing a corporate identity to his independent consulting activity that begun in 2003, after a 10 year career that spanned diverse fields and countries.

Marco Serra

Marco Serra obtained a Masters degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Pretoria, South Africa, in 1993, with a dissertation on the aeroelastic optimization of a wind turbine.  His first employer after completion of his studies was Nissan South Africa, where he performed the role of facilities engineer.  After 10 months of useful experience that gave him an insight into the workings of large industrial firms but also highlighted that his engineering interests lay elsewhere, he resigned to join the Laboratory for Advanced Engineering at the University of Pretoria.  In this position he began working as a consultant and finite element analyst, solving mechanical engineering problems for a number of industrial clients in fields as differentiated as the automotive, petrochemical, mining and energy generation industries.

After a year the structural analysis group at the Laboratory for Advanced Engineering moved to BKS, a large engineering consulting firm in Pretoria, where for the next three years his skills were further developed and his experience expanded through exposure to a large variety of different problems.

In December 1998, Marco Serra began working for a small technology development firm in Boston, Massachusetts, focusing on the applied research and development of innovative technologies, particularly with the application of smart and advanced material technologies.  While in Boston, Marco Serra had the opportunity to study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and obtain a second Masters degree in System Design and Management, focusing on innovation management and technology strategy.  His dissertation examined the evolution of the product development process within the context of company growth and evolution and proposed ways for its management and control.

After five years Marco Serra began consulting independently on a NASA project for Payload Systems Inc., a Cambridge, Massachusetts company focused on space experiment hardware.  This project gave him the opportunity to break away and establish himself as a private consultant with Payload Systems as his first client.  Since his first contact with Payload Systems, Marco Serra has managed to expand his network and client base, which has provided the opportunity to establish SEC.  Payload Systems remains one of SEC’s principal partners.


Today, SEC has become Engenya GmbH and has extended its network and works with partners in various parts of the world.  This networked model enables the company to offer a wide range of engineering and technology management services while maintaining a high level of responsiveness as well as a global reach.