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  • Project management: Development of high authority fuel injection control system for reduction of NOx, hydrocarbon and particulate emissions.
  • Structural modifications to a hatchback vehicle body for incorporation of a full size sunroof.
  • Structural modifications to alleviate cracking in the chassis of a 1-ton pickup.
  • Static, dynamic and fatigue life assessment of the all-aluminium General Freight and Liquid Trailer (GFLT) semi-trailer.
  • Structural modifications to alleviate structural and fatigue failures in the safety cages installed in touring and rally cars.
  • Design optimisation and analysis of the scissor mechanism of a 45-ton Copelyn tipping semi-trailer.
  • Stress and fatigue analysis of a racing car hub (National Touring Car Championship).
  • Analysis and ASME pressure rating of a ram cylinder used on a 45-ton Copelyn tipping semi-trailer.
  • Assessment of capabilities and needs related to finite element analysis, crash analysis and design within Proton Motor Manufacturing Company.
  • Transmission pump failure analysis on a G6 armoured artillery vehicle.


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